Homecoming/Alumni Band 2015

Thank you for registering for Alumni Band at cutba.org

Please read this ahead of time to answer many of your questions.

Parking – Please do not call the band office to ask for parking. IPTAY controls the Brooks Center lot. Neither the band office nor CUTBA has hang tags. Check the Clemson web site for suggestons.

Donations to CUTBA are not required but certainly encouraged. This can be done online at cutba.org or by payment at registration

Barbeque Drop-in – Please drop in at any time between 6 and 9 pm at the Club Gym at Fike Recreational Center, the same location as last year. Ticket prices are $15 per person at the door, children 6 to 10 years are $10 and children 5 and under eat free. You may register for Alumni Band at the drop-in even if you are not eating. Fike is within easy walking distance of several parking lots and is convenient to Tigerama (at Doug Kingsmore Stadium). Please enter Fike through the main doorway on the front of the building. Signs will direct you to the Club Gym.

Registration – We will have packets ready for each person who preregistered. These will include your shirt, hat, and game ticket if you ordered one. Be prepared to pay when you pick up your

packet: participation $25 and tickets $50 each. A credit card machine will be available. Registration tables will be set up at the Barbeque on Friday night and again at the Brooks Center Lobby from 1:00 until 2:30 pm on Saturday. If you preregistered online, you may pick up a sousaphone, Bb horn, baritone, trombone, flag, or percussion at the truck in the Brooks Center parking lot. We will not have extra instruments for walk-ons. Be prepared to leave some form of identification as a deposit. Most people use a driver’s license or a credit card. An expired student ID will not be accepted.

Rehearsal – Be in the Brooks Center Lobby at 2:30 pm for announcements. We will leave from there to go to the band practice field. Rehearsal with Tiger Band begins at 3:15 pm. Alumni Band will play Tiger Rag and make a surprise formation. Rehearsal is scheduled to end at 3:45 pm. You must attend rehearsal to participate on the field at halftime.

Concert – Tiger Band performs before each home game in the 90-Minute before Kickoff Concert at the amphitheater. As the name implies, the concert begins at 5:30 pm. This activity is optional.

March to the Stadium – At 6:00 pm, Alumni Band will lead the parade down the hill to the Stadium. We will line up near Bracket Hall (look for old folks with instruments) and play Tiger Rag as we march down the hill. Alumni Band will turn right onto Williamson Rd. and then left onto the Avenue of Champions and go underneath the north upper deck. We turn right into the C-9 lot and call a halt across from the ticket office. Then we will be dismissed. Go from there to your ticketed seat. Marching with Alumni Band to the stadium is optional but many say it is the best part of the day. From there you guys can make your way into the stadium to sit in your ticketed seats.

Instrument storage – Alumni Band will not be playing in the stands. All sousaphones and percussion will be stored in the ticket booth at Gate 5 (closest to Fike, same as last year). If you are sitting in the lower deck, enter any gate, bring your instrument to the ticket booth at Gate 5, and then proceed to your ticketed seat. If you are sitting in the upper deck, you must enter Gate 5, quickly drop off your instrument, and exit Gate 5 to go to your ticketed seat. Do not bring family members through the gate. All persons (lower and upper deck) who store instruments should return to the ticket booth with no less than 5 minutes left on the game clock. Someone will be at the booth at all times. After halftime, return your instrument to the ticket booth and then return to your ticketed seat. At the end of the game, pick up your instrument at the ticket booth and deliver it to the instrument truck at the Brooks Center. Please be thoughtful of the folks at the truck. Each year, someone fails to return their instrument and CUTBA personnel have to search for them. Remember, those folks work hard on your behalf and they still have to return the instruments to off-campus storage before they can go home.

Seating in the stadium – Part of the Alumni Band will be seated in front of the band and part will be in the northwest corner of the west endzone. Everyone who is buying tickets from CUTBA will be in the lower deck! Seat assignments will be made by year of graduation, so you will be seated near the people you know. Younger participants will be in front of the band and older participants will be in the west endzone. Please use your assigned seat. If you move to another seat, the person with that ticket has the right to ask you to move. You are welcome to trade tickets with anyone who is willing.

Entering the stadium – You may enter the stadium at any gate but be sure to wear your Alumni Band shirt and hat. Personnel at all gates will be aware that Alumni Band members will be carrying instruments. Otherwise, they could be confiscated. Sit in your ticketed seat. The exception to the “enter any gate” rule is for people who are sitting in their own seats in the upper deck and need to store a large instrument. Those folks must enter at gate 5, drop off their instrument at the ticket booth, and immediately exit gate 5 to go to their ticketed seat. The ticket scanners at gate 5 will not invalidate your upper deck ticket.

Halftime – Anyone who has stored an instrument, go to the ticket booth with about 5 minutes left on the game clock. Everyone in the Alumni Band blocks will be directed when to go to the field. Alumni sitting elsewhere should proceed to section KK (where the band sits) and go down the steps to join Alumni Band. We will enter the field orderly, perform a great show at halftime, and exit the field at section KK. Everyone marching will be issued a halftime field pass. If you do not get one or lose it, you will not be able to participate. The people sitting in the upper deck who are storing instruments can use these to enter back through Gate 5 before halftime to retrieve their instrument and make their way down to the field.

Field pass – You must have a field pass to march at halftime. Field passes will be issued to only those who attended rehearsal and are in full uniform. No exceptions. For most participants, the uniform includes the polo shirt, cap, and khaki pants or shorts. Dancers and twirlers have different uniform.


Uniform – You will not be issued a field pass unless you are in full uniform. For most participants, this includes polo shirt, cap, and khaki pants or shorts. Dancers and twirlers have different uniform.

After the game – If you store an instrument in the ticket booth, pick it up before you leave and take it directly to the truck at the Brooks Center parking lot. Please do this quickly so the truck folks can finish their job and go home.

For any questions, please contact Karmen Kingsmore (kkingsmore@hughes.net) or Tom Waldrop (tomwaldrop@bellsouth.net).

Remember – Have fun.

Schedule for Alumni Band:


6:00 PM – 9:00 PM Bar-be-que and registration – Fike


1:00 PM Registration – Brooks Center

2:30 PM Announcements – Brooks Center

3:00 PM Leave for field

3:15 PM Alumni Band joins rehearsal – Band field

3:45 PM Rehearsal Ends – free time

5:30 PM 90 Minutes Before Kick-off Concert – Amphitheater

6:00 PM Parade to Stadium – Near Hardin and Bracket Halls

7:00 PM Kick-off: Beat the Birds!