GIVE DAY – April 6.

What a deal! Thursday April 6 is the Second Annual Give Day for Clemson University. Your donation on Give Day will not only support Tiger Band but it will give you credit for a donation to Give Day, Clemson University, the Department of Performing Arts, and to the Brooks Center, four for one!

Tiger Band is in need of scholarships to attract the best student musicians to Clemson. CUTBA has done well over the years, currently providing about 35 scholarships each year. We reached the benchmark of $1 million in our endowment in 2016. That leaves a lot of work to be done. We want to offer a scholarship to every Tiger Band student so we have a long way to go.

Be a part of the exciting Give Day. We had 27 donors in 2016. That was great for the first year but we should double or triple that number this year. Give Day. April 26. Support Tiger Band with a donation to CUTBA!

For your donation to be credited to CUTBA, please follow the link on this page or click