Alumni Band 2016

Looking forward to Alumni Band 2016

This year promises to be a great one for Clemson football and Clemson Bands as well. Please plan to join the Annual Alumni Band at Homecoming on October 15, 2016 to watch the Tigers destroy NC State. We hope to have one of the largest Alumni Bands to watch the largest ever Tiger Band, 356 members.

The events for Homecoming will be the same as we have done for the past three years including a BBQ dinner and registration on Friday night (6-9 pm in Fike), Rehearsal and registration on Saturday morning (TBD based on game time, Brooks Center Lobby), 90 minute concert in the Amphitheatre (TBD based on game time), formation and march to the field, halftime performance, and a pizza party after the game (Brooks lobby).

Last year, the CUTBA Board introduced a new look for Alumni Band. Each member wore a CUTBA polo shirt and cap and dressed in khaki pants, shorts or skirts. The look from the stands was impressive. Alumni Band will continue using the uniform for Homecoming. If you own the hat and shirt already, you will not need to buy one.

Early registration will open today (August 30) and run through October 1. Late registration begins October 2. The fee for early registration is $15 and for late registration is $30. Please get your registration done promptly so we can order enough shirts and hats.

Early registration now through Oct 1: $15

Late registration Oct 2 and later: $30

Uniform shirt: $15

Uniform cap: $10

Game Ticket: $60

BBQ adult preregister: $12

BBQ adult at the door $15

BBQ child (10 and under) preregister: $8

BBQ child (10 and under): at the door: $10

To Register, click here